Finance and Budget Committee

The Finance and Budgetary Committee (FBC) ensures the cost-effective and transparent use of TPA’s financial resources, including Membership fees.

Specifically, the committee: 

  • Monitors the association's overall financial operations and assists in identifying
    additional financial resources
  • Ascertain that a viable integrated financial plan is in place
  • Annually review financial performance against the plan
  • Establish a debt policy for review by the board
  • Oversee that timely and accurate financial information is presented to the board
  • Review and recommend to the board an annual budget that reflects the strategic
    priorities of the Association including expenses and revenue estimates
  • Ensure that there are policies in place that assist in maintaining accurate financial
  • Any other related financial matter that may impact the economic welfare of the
  • Advise the board in establishing proper procedures and controls to ensure that funds
    are not misused and are in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements

Committee Members

  • Robert Kimani – Chair
  • Bennetah Wafukho
  • Damiannah Kieti
  • Videar Kwoba
  • Christine Njeremani
  • George Otieno Obonyo
  • Joyce Gitobu
  • Judith Lagat
  • Apiyo Aloo
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