Any person over the age of eighteen (18) years shall be eligible for membership of the Society and shall, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, become a Member on application and payment of the prescribed Subscription Fee. The following are categories of membership:

  1. Professional – Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Services professionals, having completed the required course of study and or criteria of practice and working in institutions including, but not limited to, state agencies and departments, universities, colleges, hospitals, canteens. A professional member shall be Associate Member, Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow.
  2. Corporate – for tourism, hospitality and leisure services companies and their employees.
  3. Student – students from a recognized Hospitality and Tourism institution pursuing the required course of study. Student Members will be charged a subsidized Subscription Fee.
  4. Honorary – to be conferred by the Executive Committee upon any person whom it may think fit to be honored as such. Honorary membership may be conferred for life or for such period as the Executive Committee may deem appropriate.

NB: Every Member shall pay the prescribed annual Subscription Fee not later than the 15th day of March of each year. The Association will consider other forms of fund raising to pursue the objectives of the Association.

It is further stated that these proposed concept will be subjected for amendments once the registered members convene after registration. Although much of the initial structures will be set by the interim committee, a reasonable time will be put in place to allow for amendments after formal registration.