Student Membership in Tourism Professional Association (TPA) is a starting level reserved for college students. Though you will pay a membership fee, the potential benefits are significant. TPA consists of membership from Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality and Events and Convention field who gather occasionally for networking events. Once you join TPA, you may benefit by;

  1. Networking with professionals.

During the networking meetings, you may learn more about your specific field of interest from professionals who have vast experience in the industry. Since members of TPA are professionals, they will mentor you just as they do for incoming workers. This will help you acclimatize well with the actual industry as you transition to the corporate world. It may also enable you to understand the future of the industry

  1. Internship and job opportunities.

Finding a job for a new graduate is not an easy task. Since TPA has a catalogues of various trade companies, in the event that post-open jobs or internships are available, you may be made aware of them. This may not only get you a starting points for your career, but may also give you confidence that the job is from a credible source.

TPA will occasionally organise trade conferences which will be open to student members at a discounted rat. Presentations by keynote speakers (mainly drawn from the industry) may not only enable you identify a clear career path, but will also help you understand the current trends in the industry. This will give you an added advantage during interviews due to the added knowledge. In addition you may gain from the ‘hallow effect’. There is no better way of gaining confidence during an interview than when you are familiar to all the panellists.

  1. Sponsorship

With time, TPA will offer scholarships and loan opportunities. It will also organise for supplemental training, and free access to field-related resources. This will enable you enhance your career path by enabling you access requisite data for your study areas of interest.

  1. Industry standards.

TPA will publish a newsletter regularly . Through it, you will gain Information about continuing education opportunities, scholarships, and new certifications, and or new statistics and best practices in the field. This will enable you enhance your career path.

  1. Codes of ethics.

TPA expounds the industry’s codes of ethics. You will not only be made aware of these best practices but also be encouraged to understand and practice them in your daily undertakings. This in itself will enable the local industry’s standards to be kept high.

  1. Updates on policies.

Ignorance is no defence. Most of the government policies keep on changing. TPA is devoted to continually inform you of updated government policies. Since policies immensely affect the running of our industry, you will be notified in advance about how to prepare for any change. This aside, researchers in the association will have a say in reviewing of some of these policies to conform to best practises laid down by TPA that will benefit you as a practitioner.